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History of Fondue

Alpine Panorama Cheese Fondue has been the Swiss national dish since time immemorial. Outside of Switzerland, it became popular in the 1800’s when it was “discovered” by the famed French gastronome, Brillat-Savarin.

Fondue originated in practical necessity, not haute cuisine. In early times, cheese and bread—then staples of the Swiss diet—were made in the summer and fall to last all winter. Both became very hard, the bread so wooden it literally had to be chopped with an axe, then dunked and soaked in hot milk or wine to be edible. At some point, prehistoric Swiss gourmets discovered that melting cheese into wine made a delicious mix in which to dunk bread—and Fondue was invented!

Today, recipes and blends have been refined, and dipping accoutrements have been added. Fondue has become a favorite meal for friends and family to enjoy after a day of exploring and playing in the mountains!

History of
Fondue at Home

Our Swiss ancestors may have been the very ones who invented Fondue in prehistoric times. Anyway, our family has enjoyed cooking and eating for as long as we can remember. Some of our folks have been known to enjoy fine wines when the occasion arose.

We think everybody should enjoy life as we do! So, naturally, we invented Fondue at Home just to share the joy with you.



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